Kemetic rituals – Impressions

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How does a kemetic ritual work? We have documented one of our ceremonies to give you a little insight into our temple activities. Of course we  do not have an actual brick built temple (so far) but we never hesitated to turn our own homes into a temple room and welcome the gods. So far they have followed every inviatione and showed up to support us with what we do.



Purifaction is an important part of kemetic rituals. It has practical reasons, but not only, it also marks the moment of entering a sphere of divinity and holyness. A partly or whole body bath with a mixture of natron or salt and water works perfectly and has been in use in Ancient Egypt, too. Also incense is common. For example Kyphi is a traditional incense  mixture for cleanthening.

Opening of the shrine

Opening the shrine is a ritual act in itself. The ancient Egyptian name for shrine “reput” is the term for a palanquin and names a portable shrine that has been used to protect the deity statues during processions.


A short moment of devotion…


… to welcome the gods.

To consecrate small statues or amulets the traditional mouth opening ceremony is a good pattern for a possibly ritual choreography. The statue is hereby being awoken into life to serve its magical purpose. The statues will be given to friends afterwards or to the people who have ordered such an object.

. DSC_0306 cut DSC_0351 cut DSC_0347By touching the lips of the statue with the little finger life force is being applied. This was one of the main tasks of the sem priest, the ancient Egyptian funerary priest, who traditionally wore the leopard cloak for this ritual. Later in the Middle Kingdom and New Kingdom this gesture was done with the typical mouth opening tools. The gesture is assumed to be inspired by the action delivery nurses performed to clean the mouth of the new born babies in order to make them breath. So this act may be considered a ritual birth.


mouth openeing ceremony

Shamanic techniques can of course also be used to establish a close and intense contact to deities and spirits. Ritual clothing as well as ritual items are an inherent part of these actions.


shamanic drum session

Ritual items and tools need the same consecrating ceremony to be dedicated to their magical function.

DSC_0358 DSC_0360Sometimes we receive petitions to certain deities, which are being placed at them during the ceremony. Some Kemetic practitioners have a very good connection to one certain deity and occasionally offer to serve as a mediator for fellow kemetics in the community. Others who are well experienced in heka practice also offer their magical skills to help other kemetics if necessary. Very often the petitions contain requests about health problems, wishes for support or other life hurdles which require divine help.


petition and offering


hieroglyphes are effective helpers in heka magic

Rituals can be exhausting. After closing the ceremony it is time for relaxation and recovery, to eat and drink and occasionally further non-formal offerings to the gods. Personal ritual impressions and experiences are being shared, reflected and discussed and sometimes even a new ritual is being planned since it is impossible to cover up everything in one ceremony and new inspirations have been gained.

We hope you enjoyed this little insight into our cultic practice!

Em Hotep! 🙂

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5 Responses to Kemetic rituals – Impressions

  1. This is a great journal of your practice and I really appreciate the English translation. Thanks so much for sharing!

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  3. wadjetcoven says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’m new on this path, so for me it’s a who new thing. And Englisch is not really my langueds, but what you wright i really understand. Thumps up for that

    • Sati says:

      Thank you 🙂 The article is also available in German if you klick on “Deutsche Version” at the top. Perhaps this is easier for you?

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